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Cleaning service in Dubai

The best Cleaning service in Dubai for houses, villas, companies, villages, tourism, and villas
24-hour customer service +971 56 332 1616 With a certificate of hundreds of categories, “Golden Care Company” is the best cleaning company for homes, villas, companies, categories, tourist villages, and restaurants. We feel this service since its inception from service since its inception
Completing a home cleaning service of the highest possible quality, it is best to come with perfect results.

Why Golden Care is the best Cleaning service in Dubai?

Quality: Our team is composed of highly qualified and professional human cadres, to ensure that we provide a high-quality home cleaning service that satisfies us before the client is satisfied with it.

Commitment: What distinguishes the Golden Care home cleaning company in all its services, including the cleaning of homes, apartments, and villas, is full compliance with the agreed-upon dates.

Safety and security: “Golden Care” guarantees to all its clients that all technicians who perform house cleaning services are of a very high degree of honesty. Don’t worry about any personal belongings.

skill and quality
Integrity and commitment
Competitive Prices
Customer satisfaction

What do you expect from the best Cleaning service in Dubai?

Carpet washing

Furniture cleaning

Cleaning service in Dubai
Cleaning service in Dubai

Floor cleaning

Cleaning bathrooms and kitchens

Carpet and rug washing: It is included in the cleaning service for homes, apartments, and villas, and it can be requested as a separate service. Through it, the Golden Care team cleans carpets and rugs, removes stains, impurities, and dust, washes carpets and rugs, and returns them as completely new using advanced tools and effective cleaning materials.

Furniture cleaning: Golden Care provides a furniture cleaning service either separately or as part of a house, apartment, and villa cleaning service, where the Golden Care team washes and cleans the furniture cloth with effective cleaning materials, and also polishes wood, glass, and marble surfaces in the furniture cleaning process.

Floor cleaning: Golden Care, within the cleaning service of homes, apartments, and villas, cleans floors of all kinds, all kinds of ceramic, all kinds of parquet, all kinds of marble, porcelain, epoxy, etc., where the cleaning team uses the latest cleaning tools and the latest effective cleaning materials.

Cleaning bathrooms and kitchens: In the service of cleaning homes, apartments and villas, we thoroughly clean and disinfect bathrooms and kitchens using disinfectant chemicals capable of eliminating harmful germs and bacteria. All this is done by highly trained, professional, and professional experts.

How do we provide a home cleaning service to our customers?

Our team is trained to use the latest devices and tools dedicated to cleaning homes, any person in the team has at least more than 10 years of experience in this field, where we have literally served thousands of customers.

When you request a house cleaning service, we immediately start forming a full team training with a supervisor with more than 15 years of experience (the number of team members depends on the area of ​​the house, apartment, or villa) and you will receive this team equipped with advanced equipment and tools that include the following:

Floor washing, cleaning, and polishing machine – the Single Desk machine includes all kinds of brushes for each type of floor, in addition to a three-motor suction machine for dust and water suction, in addition to washing tools for windows, glass, and aluminum, such as the Balla and the Exhaust.

Parquet polishing machine, wooden door polishing tools, light switches, and specialized workers for cleaning and disinfecting kitchen and bathroom walls, and polishing chandeliers and stainless steel.

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We are pleased to serve you with more than 20 years of experience in the Dubai market in providing services (house cleaning – building facades cleaning – restaurant hood cleaning – marble polishing).. Request our services with confidence.